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Arcade Boom Sweeps Across…India?

May 15, 2007

While there might not be any arcades near where you live, many arcades are starting to pop-up in India according to an article at InterGame Online. One company, the Australian-based Timezone Entertainment has opened up six arcades in the last two years while another company called Galaxy Entertainment currently runs 13 FECs across the country. Thanks to the huge youth population in India, there is plenty of interest for arcades, which are primarily found in shopping malls. In fact the article states that arcades are one of the primary drivers to malls in India. Sounds kind of familiar

So what does this mean to you? As interest grows worldwide, so will the demand for more games. Arcade game makers don’t sell their games solely to Japan, Europe and the US…go just about anywhere in the world and you are bound to find a recognizable game in any arcade you can find.

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Manic Panic Ghost available in Europe

May 15, 2007

I am not sure how long this has been there, but on Sega UKs website they have Manic Panic Ghost listed as an available title under New Releases. It doesn’t have it’s own mini-site like many of the other games do, but you can check out the flyer at the very least (which I’ll place at the end of this post). It does look like it could be a fun game but I really wonder how well the screen is going to hold up over time considering you have to hit it and when it comes to physical games like this one you never know what may happen. We all remember how Nintendo was surprised that their wrist straps weren’t strong enough for certain people – I get the same feeling here. Of course this game has gone through testing so hopefully it will withstand real-world arcade forces.

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Download the Manic Panic brochure (PDF)