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Silver Strike Bowler Wins New Harley in Sweeps

April 29, 2007


You lucky guys in the USA, not only do they give away Harley’s to SSB players, but you also have the machines actually in pubs. Sorry I’m a little bitter because they just took out the SSB from my local!

“The great city of Milwaukee is known internationally for its bars and bowling alleys as well as being the world headquarters of Harley-Davidson, the classic American motorcycle company. 

Recently they all took center stage as Incredible Technologies awarded a brand-new 2007 Harley-Davidson Sportster to Marvin Piotrowski for winning the monthly Silver Strike Bowler’s Club Sweepstakes.

“Bowling, Bars and Bikes.  Nothing’s more American than that,” said Dan Schrementi, IT’s marketing manager.  “So it was very appropriate that a Milwaukee-area player should win the March drawing.  And having the presentation made at the largest Irish Pub in North America made it even more exciting.”

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Retro Arcade Scratch Cards

April 29, 2007


I remember our local football team used to go round once a week with scratch cards like these to raise money for the team (goes with out saying this was a amateur club). If only they were selling these scratch cards I would have bought a hell of a lot more. Who knows, they could of being playing top flight footy by now! 

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As I was making my weekly perusal of The Arcade Flyer Archive (TAFA) I ran across these amazing rub-off game cards posted on the front page. TAFA owner, Dan’s new girlfriend apparently has quite the little retro game collection herself including these awesome cards. The games came in trading card packs with one of those horrible pieces of rock hard gum and worked along the same principle as rub-off lottery tickets. You would rub off the silver covering on the dots as you made your way across the playing field and hoped you would make it all the way through without “dying.” Of course, if you were like me, you just ended up rubbing off all the circles anyway just so you could see what they all were.

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