Pro Keds Releases Arcade Series of Shoes

If you have ever glanced at your wardrobe and thought “Gee, I sure wish I could show people my love for Asteroids through my shoes!” then this is right up your alley. Of course if you never really care about what is on your shoes but you like retro arcades, then this still may be for you. Pro Keds has released the ‘Arcade Series’ line of shoes for Men, Women and Kids, hoping to cash in on the retro arcade craze that is resurging across the planet. Styles cover venerable classics such as Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Centipede, Asteroids, Super Mario Bros. (it was an arcade game, via PlayChoice) and last but not least Galaga. You can browse the selection by going to Pro Keds’ website but they do not show the collection all in one place and you have to browse around by going to the Collections section. But in case all you want to do is take a look at them, I captured a picture of every arcade-related shoe I could find on the site, to make it easy for you. (Just click on the thumbnails to see the full image)

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19 Comments on “Pro Keds Releases Arcade Series of Shoes”

  1. […] The old school shoe company is trying to be old school to a demographic that most likely thought that people wearing Ked’s were lame!  Pro Ked’s is bringing out an old school gamer line of shoes including such classics as Pac-Man, Asteroids, and Centipede.  While you probably will never see these out in the wild, I thought the idea was kinda cool… but no where near as sweet as the DK Polo shirt! Source: Arcade Heros. […]

  2. […] [via] READ MORE: arcade, asteroid, centipede, chic, galaga, macros, mii, ms pac man, pro […]

  3. Jack Watson Says:

    I can’t seem to Buy Online – does that link work for anyone? Trying for the white, canvas Asteroids shoes. Tnx.

  4. Shaggy Says:


    You are right, the link doesn’t work – in fact it doesn’t seem to work with any of their shoes. I am using FireFox, I haven’t tried it with IE but the other links work so I guess someone forgot to put in the proper link tags on the page

  5. […] it seems that the PRO-Keds site is a mess of flash design so I must give thanks to the people at Arcade Heroes for going to the trouble of hunting down and grabbing stills of all the […]

  6. […] Product page via Arcade Heroes […]

  7. Miguel Says:

    Hey everyone I am currently selling Arcade series on ebay, for $40.00

  8. […] out a range of trainers with a retro gaming theme. The Arcade Series, which was hunted down by Arcade Heroes, does not disappoint and there are some stunning designs. It features some of the all time greatest […]

  9. Chris Says:

    Hey yall…. I got the Pro Keds Arcade Series for sale. Email me at Thanks.

  10. […] news aren’t so new, yet… they’re still exciting. Pro-Keds has released an arcade series sneaker collection. <– You can click the link to check out the styles that they have. I really want to get […]

  11. […] children get left out of the joy of being able to own awesome collectible sneakers?   (Check out Arcadeheroes to see all the sneakers in the Pro-Keds  Arcade […]

  12. […] can find the other models scattered around various online shoe stores but nobody seems to have the full collection (which is […]

  13. […] Atari 720° inspired trainers Looks like Nike want a bit of the Pro Keds arcade action with their Atari 720° inspired footwear. I haven’t personally played this […]

  14. […] many other sites that linked to us about the arcade range of Pro Keds, believe or not this post got us the most hits out of any this year! Crazy stat, […]

  15. nancy flores Says:

    hi does shoes are hot and I really want them

  16. Lucian Says:

    Soon will be sell the collection Pro Keds collection 2008 to

  17. […] be able to debut my new kicks to the world.  These are as faux retro as you can get.   From the Pro Keds Classic Arcade series, these are my new Centipede shoes.  You don’t get much geekier then this I’m afraid.  […]

  18. Justin Says:

    wow i just got the pac-man slip ons! they’re amazing! i use them as my sk8 shoes and ervyone is jealous. thx prokeds!!! you guyz rock!!!

  19. MBR Says:

    There’s some on e-bay now

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