Standard Edition of Wasteland Racer 2071 available

According to the Trio-Tech website, a new standard edition of Wasteland Racer 2071 is now available. Hopefully this will carry a price tag that is a little easier for smaller arcades to swallow compared to the nice (and expensive) deluxe version. Differences include a smaller cabinet and a change from a 52″ widescreen HD monitor to a 27″ ‘high-resolution’ standard monitor. The gameplay should remain the same, which offers a good arcade style racer that is not available for any home console system. In case you are not familiar with the gameplay, race through several wasted cities or areas in the year 2071.  The brochure lists 5 tracks with 6 cars to choose from but it also refers to unlockable tracks and cars.

After a quick look at some distributor websites, it seems that this has not reached any of their sales pages yet, although distributors don’t always update their pages on a daily basis.

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