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Sega On The Move

April 12, 2007


UK-based Sega Amusements Europe is moving from its Epsom office to a new 25,000 sq ft of office, warehouse and showroom space in Chessington, Surrey as part of its ongoing expansion plans. A company spokesman said that a spate of new appointments coupled with Sega’s re-entry into the spares business with the creation of Sega Total Solutions had necessitated the move.

Paul Williams commented about the next stage of the companies’ expansion by saying that “this is an extremely important milestone for Sega in Europe; the new premises will serve our expansion plans for the next five years and incorporate the functions needed to best facilitate that growth which in turn will benefit our customers”.

Justin Burke added, “Having the whole operation in one place will be great for the all the divisions there; but from a marketing and customer support point of view it will be beneficial for customers to be able to visit us and experience our products hands on, as well as allowing us to hold open days, training seminar days and product briefings that we have been unable to do at our current location”.

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Broken Thunder Release Date Confirmed

April 12, 2007


The spiritual successor to the canceled Thunderforce VI which was featured earlier here, now officially is one step closer to being on store shelves. Broken Thunder is scheduled for release on May 3rd, 10 years after the last installment of the Thunderforce series. The game will ship with both a limited edition collector’s package that includes the original score by Thunderforce fan favorite Factory Noise & AG, and a regular version that will be released without the bonuses.

Though the game is not an officially licensed Thunderforce project, the names of the ships and weapons, as well as the story are going to be all too familiar to Thunderforce fans. The game will ship on a DVD-Rom for Windows-based PCs.

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2007 Golden Tee Winners

April 12, 2007


Before the tournament started the rules clearly stated that it takes 24.5 points to win the Cup, the idea of a draw being called at this great event proved unacceptable for many of the competitors. Some called it controversy, others called it chaos but reality found 32 of the world’s most serious Golden Tee competitors looking for closure.  
In the heat of the moment, tournament director Gary Colabuono decided to give the team captains an opportunity to settle the score the best way they saw fit. “The rules are clear but we want to be fair to the competition,” he said. “We gave the captains a chance to contend so that none of the competitors would feel slighted.”  
Team USA Captain, Chris Eversole, made the tough decision that Team USA would agree to stick to the rules and call it a draw. He felt that the tie alone was victory enough for how hard his team competed; he didn’t want to risk taking the Cup away from them. World Team co-captain, Enzo Polidori, had an opposing view to Eversole. Polidori wished that a clear winner was chosen. He thought that it was a shame to go so far and have it end in a draw.  
Though the contest ended in a 24-24 draw, the World Championship Cup remains on the soil of the reigning champions, Team USA, marking a fourth time for the Americans.  

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Pokemon Battle Arcade

April 12, 2007


What looks like a very similar game to the N64 Pokemon Battle, there is now going to be one for the arcade, using poker style chips for the different Pokemon and then you battle them against presumably CPU or your friends. Not much info other than that, will have to keep an eye out for further news. Check out the screen shots.

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