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Game of the Week….

April 10, 2007



Sonic’s first arcade outing was this strange isometric 3 player trackball controlled effort, players 2 and 3 were either Ray (an early versions of what would eventually become Tails) or Mighty (who would later appear in only 1 game Knuckles Chaotix)

The early Prototype was shown as only a one player game with just Sonic in it (as shown below)

For the life of me I can not find a cabinet shot of this game, which is annoying as I really can’t remember what it looked like. I only ever played it once, and that was at the Trocadero when I was about 12 and again I really don’t recall much about it. That’s mainly why I’ve put this up in the vain hope that someone might know where one is?

[Thanks MetaFox @ Arcade Addicts for the Sugeestion]


Edit: Now I have cabinet shots, courtesy of MetaFox @ Arcade Addicts


Halcyon Days Are Here Again

April 10, 2007

Those of us who fondly remember watching Button Moon on television might also remember going to the local arcades in their younger days to waste all their pocket money on the latest SEGA games available. Arcades were a more important industry back then, kids these days on their PlayStation 3s and XBOX 360s are unlikely to have experienced the joy of sitting in a “real fighter cockpit” and charging through hordes of enemy planes in the hit game Afterburner. Yu Suzuki’s classic entertained many an 80’s child.

The series has been reborn on Sony’s PSP after years of absence, which can only mean good things for the SEGA faithful. The new arcade game and now the PSP version are worthy of a big grin from ear to ear for us in the SPOnG office. So without much time-wasting, we spoke to Planet Moon Studios, the developers responsible for making the PSP’s After Burner: Black Falcon as action-packed as AM2’s coin-guzzling counterpart.

[Read on for Spongs Interview with the Developers]

Southend Voted Pier of the Year

April 10, 2007

Southend Pier has been named Pier of the Year 2007 by the National Piers Society, the same day a public consultation to shape its future was launched at the landward end of Pier. Gavin Henderson, president of the National Piers Society the UK’s longest pier had been chosen for the award because of its “heroic survival through fire and tempest.”

Southend-on-Sea Borough Council’s Corporate Director of Enterprise, Tourism and the Environment, Andy Lewis said that they were ‘thrilled’ with the accolade

“Our Pier is vital to our borough, Lewis added.”This award shows the extent of its national and international impact.

“We hope the Pier’s triumph today will encourage even more people to take part in the latest phase of the consultation currently under way.

The consultation is asking local residents and Pier fans to choose their favourite of three themes – relaxed recreation, maritime and environment – for potential future developments at the seaward end of the Pier.

[via ATE online]