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Classic Alien-Centric Video Game ‘Area 51′ Being Adapted

April 8, 2007


If there is one arcade video game that I can admit to having spent the most quarters on out of anything… no it’s not DDR, no it’s not Lucky & Wild (though I loved this one), it’s definitely Area 51. Who didn’t love shooting up those 8-bit aliens for hours on end! The good news – Paramount has picked up the rights and is adapting it into a movie with comic book writer Grant Morrison writing, the bad news – the inspiration is coming much more from the 2005 first-person-shooter than the original arcade game.

The rights were bought back in 2004 from Midway Games and an early script draft was initially written by Tomb Raider 2′s writer Dean Georgaris. This time around the torch has been passed to Grant Morrison, who hasn’t done much film writing but has a very long list of credits on comic books. Also expected to help produce the adaptation is effects and creature mastermind Stan Winston. If you’re not familiar with the basic storyline, essentially a hazardous materials specialist is called in to investigate a viral outbreak that could be (read: most definitely is) extra-terrestrial in nature.

The original arcade video game was classic, one of the big gun firing arcade hits at the time, that originally appeared in 1995. It featured all kinds of fun action, from endless aliens to exploding barrels and even secret levels.

I’ve got to say, either way I’m down for this and excited for it. I even hate aliens, they scare the shit out of me, but with the talk of the X-Files sequel recently and how attached to the game I am, I’m all for being scared and amazed even more. And so far they’re moving in the right direction with getting Grant Morrison to write. Let’s just hope they stick much more with the original arcade game as inspiration and much less from the not-very-successful 2005 first-person-shooter game.


Apex Arcade Cabinet

April 8, 2007


How long has it been since you’ve come across an upright arcade gaming machine that hosts Pac-Man, Gauntlet, Galaga or Joust? The Apex Arcade Machinehas those games and 137 more built into the 69 inch tall console with a 19″ TFT monitor.

Even though the design of the machine is very arcade-reminiscent, the software that runs it is a little more up to date. The 140 games actually run on an Intel based system running Windows XP Home which can be interfaced with a wireless keyboard and mouse. Instead of a slot for quarters, games and software can be loaded through a DVD-RW drive in the front and stored on a 160GB hard drive. Speakers and plenty of expansion space come with no extra charge and make the Apex Arcade gaming machine ready to go, out of the box.

This looks to be a great addition to any game room offering both newer and old-school games, stand-up style of play and controls for up to two players at a time for the measly price of £2850 (about $5,600 USD).

Mario Kart GP Makes The News

April 8, 2007


I’ve noticed on a couple of sites, kotaku and wiifanboy for example, that they seem to be picking up on Mario Kart GP for the arcade, it just goes to show how little the arcades are noticed these days. I wonder if they even know there is a sequel coming out to the game?

Konami Arcade Series: Arcade Hits for DS

April 8, 2007


Scheduled for an Autumn ’07 release in the UK. I’ve covered this before, but here is a picture of the box art and more information on the game.

Konami Classic Series: Arcade Hits features more than 12 of the most memorable quarter-munching arcade hits of all-time, letting players enjoy these timeless classics in both their original and remixed dual screen forms and also enjoy them with friends in special wireless modes. Taking advantage of the unique functionality of the Nintendo DS, Arcade Hits lets players choose from a number of screen configurations, including horizontal and vertical combinations to maintain the original screen size of each game at it appeared in arcades. Players can also use the system’s wireless capabilities to play with friends and share data such as high scores and replays. Arcade Hits also features special modes that let players listen to more than 100 classic songs and sound effects and review the history of each title in the compilation, complete with trivia and vintage artwork. Featured games include Circus Charlie, Contra, Gradius, Roc’N Rope, Rush’N Attack, Time Pilot, Track and Field, Yie-Ar Kung Fu and more.