The Urge for Multi-Ball

I was curious to know what has happened to the pinball scene in recent years and other than at the ATEI, where I played on Sterns latest offering Family Guy, I have not seen a pinball table anywhere. Forgive me if there are still lots about, maybe I’m just going to the wrong places. As far as I can tell, by searching on some pinball sites, thanks MetaFox for the links, there doesn’t seem to many manufacturers left. Stern are still making machines which most recently have been Pirates of the Caribbean and Family Guy, but all the others just seem to be reproduction companies, which isn’t a bad thing. What I’m getting at is why don’t I see more machines about. I remember when every arcade had tables to play on. I would have thought that tables would still be popular because there is no way to recreate that experience at home. Unlike arcade video games, which has serious competition from the console market. Anyone know of any good places to go for a bit of pinball action around the London area, I have the urge for some MULTI-BALL!

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