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Nintendo’s arcade version of their Super Nintendo home game system. Players insert credits to buy time which allows them to pick and choose from a list of available games to play. This system allowed players to try out new games before buying them. I can’t say I ever saw one of these myself, maybe it was US only, but I’d love to have (onfree play of course). I should imagine that ones of these don’t come cheap. It shows how popular Nintendo was back then that they could charge people, and get away with it, to play console games, where as now you have console pods in most shops that are free to play

The only games ever made for this system were Pushover, Lethal Weapon, Robocop 3, The Addams Family, Act Raiser, NCAA Basketball, Super Soccer, Skins Golf, Super Tennis, Super Mario World, and F-Zero, Contra 3: Alien Attack, and Ultimate Tennis.


[Thanks KLOV & MetaFox]

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