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Arcade Heroes Forum

March 29, 2007

Just a reminder to all you arcade lovers out there that Arcade Heroes has a Forum. So head over there now and sign up, we have some regular posters over there already. It’s a great place to talk games, suggest ideas for the site and give me tips on arcade stories and news. Let’s keep this site going because there’s not many of us out there to protect the arcade from the big console bullies! Hit the Arcade Heroes Forum banner above to check it out and enjoy.


ebay listing of the week…..

March 29, 2007



Starting Price: £0.99p!

End Time: 07-Apr-07 12:51:25 BST

This game is generally not recognised as an outstanding game, however this has to be one of my all time most played games. Mainly because my local bowling alley and Pool hall both had it. It got to the point where me and my friends played it so much we were able to complete the game TWICE with one credit each. Even if the game was set on easy, which it must of been, it’s still quite an impressive achievement. Not that I like to blow my own trumpet or anything. Anyway back to the auction, description follows;

Don’t miss the opportunity to have some fun with this amazing arcade video game!You can attack, kill and destroy aliens all in the comfort of your own home! Using optical guns you must complete all the missions! Hours and Hours of fun!!!Only selling due to lack of space!The machine is used and does have some scratches and damage, however it is not major and I can email you over pictures if you are interested in bidding!

[Area 51 Auction]

Game of the Week….

March 29, 2007



Nintendo’s arcade version of their Super Nintendo home game system. Players insert credits to buy time which allows them to pick and choose from a list of available games to play. This system allowed players to try out new games before buying them. I can’t say I ever saw one of these myself, maybe it was US only, but I’d love to have (onfree play of course). I should imagine that ones of these don’t come cheap. It shows how popular Nintendo was back then that they could charge people, and get away with it, to play console games, where as now you have console pods in most shops that are free to play

The only games ever made for this system were Pushover, Lethal Weapon, Robocop 3, The Addams Family, Act Raiser, NCAA Basketball, Super Soccer, Skins Golf, Super Tennis, Super Mario World, and F-Zero, Contra 3: Alien Attack, and Ultimate Tennis.


[Thanks KLOV & MetaFox]