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ebay listing of the week…..

March 22, 2007

OutRun Deluxe


But It Now: £375

End Time: 28-Mar-07 20:45:51 BST

I reason I’ve picked this motion based version of the original Outrun for ‘ebay listing of the week’ is because of the immanent release of the OutRun 2 Super Deluxe. It just show in some ways that even way back then they were already coming up with great ideas for cabinet design. The only difference being the technology that is available to these developers now allows them to create such lavish arcade attractions in this day and age. Additionally it goes without saying the game play of the original OutRun helps this auction seem like an absolute bargain.

[OutRun DLX Auction]

Game of the Week….

March 22, 2007

Until I was lucky enough to own this brutal beat-em up on my Super Nintendo, I sunk a lot of 50p’s in to this Rare/Nintendo/Midway collaboration. The game had great characters and dazzling graphics for the time, but what this game was all about were the combos. Now this game wasn’t the first to have a combo system in a fighting game, but this was the first game, that I remember, to have combo’s that went over 20 hits. You could even finish those off with a fatality move. The one I remember the most fondly was TJ Combo’s finisher where he would unleash a flurry of fists before landing one killer blow that would send the opponent flying in to the screen and sliding down it. Did pick up and play this the other day on my SNES, but for the life of me can not remember any of the combo’s. I may have to do some research.