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Another Golden Tee for your Home

March 20, 2007


While I’m on the subject of Golden Tee, I have found another version of the game for your home. This one, weighing in at a cheaper £19.95, is a plug and play game much like the Street Fighter and Namco plug and plays that have been out for a while now. The best bit about this is that the control is like a mini scaled down version of it’s older arcade brother. Very sweet, but again how will it stand the test of the drunken player battering it as hard as he can to out drive his mate! Pretty cool none the less.

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Golden Tee for your Home

March 20, 2007


Found this on the Wal*Mart website, thought it was quite interesting that a main stream chain is selling home arcade cabinets, at pretty good prices might I add at $449.49 (well it looks a good price when you convert it to pounds sterling). That’s presuming the build quality is good, which it’s got to be because I’ve seen proper Golden Tee’sout of action due to some putting a little to much effort in to thier drive.

The Golden Tee Home Edition Arcade Gameplays the full arcade version of Golden Tee in 3-D. Select one of 3 beautifully-designed 18-hole golf courses, and the intuitive golf controls allows for hook, slices, backspins, long and short shots.

  • Reverse angle and instant replay camera views
  • Varying tee zones and pin positions
  • Adjustable difficulty settings
  • Easy assembly; no electronic set-up
  • 15″ full color monitor

Also available are Midway and Konami Home Arcade Cabinets.


Konami Brings DDR To All NexGym Fitness Centers

March 20, 2007


This is only in American at the moment, but I would love to see this idea grow because it’s beneficial in many ways. Not only will it get people fitter, but also when people realise that you can play this game in the arcade, it might raise the profile of this side of the industry. Granted in these workout session they’ll be using the console versions of the game, but it all still helps.

 “Konami has announced a partnership with the child focused exercise facility NexGym, which emphasizes exercise through “high-energy fitness activities,” which will see its popular rhythm game Dance Dance Revolutioninstalled at all current and future NexGym locations.

As part of the agreement, children between the ages of 3-14 will be able to take advantage of the health and fitness benefits of Dance Dance Revolutionat all Nexgym locations during interactive classes and open gym “exer-gaming” sessions. Konami will also promote DDRtournament events at existing Nexgym locations and in connection with future Nexgym grand openings.”

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