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Arcade Treats for your Consoles

March 19, 2007


You wait for one then three come along at once. The coming weeks sees the release of three Sega arcade games converted for the home machines. Vitrua Tennis 3 comes out on 23rd March for PS3 and Xbox 360 and 30th March for PC and PSP. Virtua Fighter also hits 23rd of March on the PS3, and finally Afterburner Black Falcon comes out on the PSP on the 30th March. So overall a great month for all you arcade fans out there, I myself can’t wait to get my twitchy button mashing fingers on them.

gamesTM previews Silent Hill: The Arcade

March 19, 2007


Not bad. That’s the second month in a row that games TM has covered something arcade related. Granted it is a pretty small piece about Silent Hill: The Arcade, but it’s better than nothing. Let’s hope they keep it up.


Virtua Tennis 3 Demo hits XBL

March 19, 2007


For you Vitrua Tennis fans out there with a Xbox 360, you can now grab a slice of the action in your home. That’s right, the VT3 Demo is now available to download from XBL Marketplace. The demo weighs in at 840MB. The release date for full game is scheduled for the 23rd March (that’s this friday!)

AOU 2007 Round Up [Part 1]

March 19, 2007


The All Nippon Amusement Machine Operators (AOU) Expo 2007 took a phenomenal slice of the Chiba’s Makuhari Messe facility. AOU represents an operator’s show, in contrast to JAMMA that is a manufacturers’ show – both association events experiencing their own changes. The big players on the show floor:

Konami Digital Entertainment
The KDE booth represented an advanced amusement operation by the premiere amusement factory – though not the largest, the company showed a diverse selection of amusement product, and strong titles that enthralled many who ventured into the lair.

‘Silent Hill: The Arcade’ – The big surprise for AOU on the KDE booth was the appearance of another console / amusement crossover with the Silent Hill franchise. The game offered a two-player blasting feat in a modified Lethal Enforcer 4 cabinet, now with an enclosure shroud for the players to feel the full benefit of the audio roof speakers and full screen effects. The game uses the same LE gun layout, but with the addition of e-AMUSEMENT PASS….. [read on at Highway Games]

Thanks Kevin Williams @ The Stinger Report