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Game of the Week….

March 14, 2007

Soul Edge


Now if my memory serves me correctly this was the first, and probably the only beat-em up that I’ve completed on 1 credit. Nw you may think it was set on easy or something, but believe you me it was hard work, if your familiar with the term the ‘claw’ you’ll know what I mean! When it comes to game play I reckon this has to be one of the most solid beat-em ups around. With some stunning effects coupled with great characters with spectacular moves sets, this will remain classic for a long time to come.



[Pictures from KLOV]


TMNT out today on XBLA

March 14, 2007


Sorry for all the abbreviations in the title. For those of you not up with the lingo it roughly translates into Turtles, one of my all time favourite arcade games, is out for Xbox Live Arcade today. I haven’t had a chance to check marketplace yet but says it out and he never lies! I’ve had to go out and buy some more MS points because I’m 50 short of the very reasonable 400 points the game costs. The game features leaderboards and rankings as always. Additionally it has 4 player co-op, which lag permitting should make it an all time classic XBLA game.