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Movies theaters to become arcades of the future?

February 28, 2007


Spain’s Yelmo Cineplex company recently splurged on a “Cinegames” setup, converting one of its small theaters into a sizable LAN arena. Inside, some 50 17-inch LCD screens have been bolted to armrests, a gamepad dangling below each one. Once the fog and low smoke start to roll in, the black light and flashing green lasers get going, and the seats start vibrating, one gets a sense of why this innovative concept could reinvigorate the movie theatre business — and resurrect the arcade.

[via The Last Boss]

Counter Strike for the Arcade

February 28, 2007



I was completely unaware this exsisted, and I’m assuming it did taken off very well seeing as I’ve never seen one. Anyone know of any sites that have this game, that’s presuming it actually made it out.

[via Barcade]

Counter Strike is one of the most popular and most played video games of all time and now it will be coming to an arcade near you. CS Neo is a team based game in which you have to take out your enemies with conventional weapons including a myriad of rifles, pistols and knives.

This version of CS will feature futuristic characters unlike the modern military characters in the original CS game. There are also new levels for people to play in. No word if this is based on the new Half Life 2 engine or the original Half Life engine.

Another ATEI round up

February 26, 2007


The 63rd Amusement Trade Exhibition International (ATEI) was one of the most eagerly anticipated and discussed in recent years. A barometer of the industry health. The London show had a hard act to follow, let alone the impact of its sibling show, the International Casino Exhibition (ICE), with the smaller International Casino Exhibition Online (ICEi) component. Hit the link to read the Highway Games round up of the show.

TMNT coming to XBLA

February 26, 2007


The turtles rumor mill is churning full force today as posted a few leaked TMNT screenshots. But these screenshots are special, because claims that they come from an unannounced XBLA version of 1989 TMNT. Old school TMNT on the XBLA … that’s sweetness! We’ve examined the screens, looked them over twice, and still come away perplexed. It looks like these screenshots are trying a little too hard, including Konami and Ubisoft logos on the main screen and using a new-age turtles background for the gameplay. Though, we’d like to be proven wrong and wish our 2D side scrolling turtles adventure would show up on the arcade (instead we get 3D turtles). What do you think, photoshopped prank or turtles arcade magic?

Arcade Heroes Forum Goes Live!

February 22, 2007

Let’s talk about it!


The Harvest Moon for Lunch anyone?

February 20, 2007


Spotted this story in the paper this weekend. Basically some kids from a school were going for thier school dinners at the thier local, that’s not the interesting bit though, it’s the name of the pub that caught my attention. In case your not familiar with the Harvest Moon game, it is a little like the smash hit DS game Animal Crossing. Actually if I’m not mistaken there is a DS version of the game coming soon.

Silent Hill Screenshots

February 20, 2007

From what I’ve been reading around the the net, this game has been getting a bit of a pasting. What amuses me about this is the fact that a lot of these comments are coming from people not even at the show. I will be saving my judgement until I get my hands on the game. If it plays like HOD4, with Silents Hill’s suspense, it should be good fun.