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The Harvest Moon for Lunch anyone?

February 20, 2007


Spotted this story in the paper this weekend. Basically some kids from a school were going for thier school dinners at the thier local, that’s not the interesting bit though, it’s the name of the pub that caught my attention. In case your not familiar with the Harvest Moon game, it is a little like the smash hit DS game Animal Crossing. Actually if I’m not mistaken there is a DS version of the game coming soon.

Silent Hill Screenshots

February 20, 2007

From what I’ve been reading around the the net, this game has been getting a bit of a pasting. What amuses me about this is the fact that a lot of these comments are coming from people not even at the show. I will be saving my judgement until I get my hands on the game. If it plays like HOD4, with Silents Hill’s suspense, it should be good fun.



Battle Fantasia Video

February 20, 2007

I have managed to find a video of this game that was shown at the AOU. The game is basically a 2.5D Fighter (2D gameplay whilst using 3D models), with some RPG elements and it runs on Taito’s new Type X2 hardware and is the first game to use Taito’s new Vewlix arcade cabinet, which allows the game to run in resolutions as high as 720p.

AOU 2007 Picture & Info Overload

February 20, 2007

Here’s some more info from the this years AOU courtesy of Barcade, and some more pictures from the show thanks to IT Media, GameWatch, &  Dengeki

-Tekken 6 showed a video only, but they hope to release the game in late 2007 for arcades.  
-Wangan Tuned 3 has a few new options over # 2. There is a Ghost mode, leader picks route, new cars and tracks. This should be showing its face around Fall 2007.  
-Mario Kart 2 has a few more tracks and new characters. You will begin seeing these pop up after March 1st of this year.  
-Silent Hill The Arcade is a deluxe 2-player gun game that plays much like House Of The Dead. Game play is excellent and is on a 50” digital monitor! This should be out in late 2007.  
-Too Spicy is a first person gun game that has a foot control for side-to-side movement. With a name like Too Spicy it is sure to be an interesting play. Start looking for it in April of this year.  
-Initial D 4 is a very popular technical racing game. It is just starting to ship in Japan this week and as of right now there is no date when they will release in the US.  
-Virtual Fighter 5 has been out in Japan for 9 months and it has not yet been determined yet if they will bring it to the US.  
-Ghost Squad 2 Evolution is a very tactical gun game based on an elite military unit. Start looking for this game in the US in late March/early April of this year.  
-Battle Gear 4 Tuned is a racing game like Initial D. You have choices to add different parts to your car to make it better and there is also drifting involved. It is doing very well in Japan, but for right now there are no plans to bring to the US.  
-Chase HQ 2 is based on one of the best drivers of the 80s. The basic concept is that you are a cop chasing bad guys. In order to stop and capture the villains, you must slam into their cars to damage them until they are no longer drivable.  

vf5.jpgtaito.jpgsilenthill.jpgsega.jpgmpg.jpgl_wk_070216aou44.jpgdyna2.jpgaxa2.jpgaou_sg66.jpgaou_sg65.jpgaou_sg60.jpgaou_sg55.jpg16385_n20070216_sega_04.jpg2s.jpg chasejap1.jpg

capcom.jpg  battletasia.jpg

Konami's Otomedius – Video

February 20, 2007

Apparently this Konami shooter also features a touch screen for locking on to enemies, how sweet does that sound! Enjoy!

Konami’s Otomedius – Video

February 20, 2007

Apparently this Konami shooter also features a touch screen for locking on to enemies, how sweet does that sound! Enjoy!


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