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ebay listing of the week

February 15, 2007

Missile Command


Buy it now – £900.00

End Date – 20th Feb 2007 00:12:38

My knowledge on old skool machine values is a little bit rusty, but as far as I’m concerned, for just under a grand, this machine is a must buy. It’s one of the all time classic and still a very unique game with it’s use of the trackball. Using three atomic missile launching bases you defend (using the trackball to aim) your cities against incoming missiles. Enemy missiles may separate into several missiles so shoot them down early because you only have a limited number of missiles. Check it out.

Another Arcade Story

February 15, 2007


Head over to Netjak for another old skool gamers view on the arcade scene. In this one the writers, Rick “32_footsteps” Healey, is disagreeing with the whole idea that the arcades of yester-year where such a magical place, pointy out the arcade was where a lot of punks and bullies hung out, which to me does sound like too much fun, unless of course your a punk or bully*!

* does not think bullying is cool.

Game of the Week….

February 15, 2007



This is by far one of my all time favourites and I’m ashamed to admit it, but I had no idea that there was a sixplayer version of the machine up until 5 minutes ago. Now I love the game even more! The general premise is it’s your standard side scrolling beat’em up for up to four six players! You get to play as your favourite X-men, including; Wolverine, Storm and Cyclopes and you have a variety of attacks and special moves to destroy the advancing forces of evil. What more could you want (except for eight players!). 

Thanks to KLOV for the cabinet picture, and Konami for making it!

Seeing Double Dragons

February 15, 2007


Now here’s a coincidence for you, and that is what it is. I was over on System 16, just killing time really, and I found this game Dragon Spirit made by Namco way back 20 years ago. The first thing I thought was where have I seen a blue dragon before? Suffice to say it didn’t take me too long too figure it out it was from the Xbox 360 game Blue Dragon!

Arcade Coasters – Sold Out

February 15, 2007


Spotted this on Wonderland yesterday, and as I went to post this up today I thought I’d maybe try and buy a set. Unsurprisingly, because it was featured on Wonderland and Kotaku, they have sold out. D’oh!