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Half-Life 2 Survivor

February 2, 2007


Just been on Highway Games, and they now have Half-Life 2 Survivor in the products page. Would love to know where I could go to play this machine. It seems way to complex for an arcade game, but at the end of the day it’s Half-Life!


London Shows provide snapshot of the business, states Rusbridge

February 2, 2007


“Combined figures for the first two days of the London Shows have seen a marginal decrease of visitors totalling 252, or 1.1 per cent year-on-year. International visitors have increased by eight per cent and for the first time ever the number of international buyers has exceeded those from the UK.

“With specific reference to ATEI, the first two days have seen a total of 11,587 unique visitors according to our raw data, which is still subject to verification. This represents 531 fewer industry professionals from outside the UK and 1,192 fewer from the domestic industry.

“We have always said that ATEI reflects the markets that it serves and I believe that the 2007 event has been an accurate barometer of the industry. Before the show we anticipated a downturn in domestic visitors, reflecting the current UK market, and of course a response to the reintroduction of IMA, specifically from Germany and Austria. Conversely, we have seen an increase in the number of visitors from Poland, Greece, Denmark and Taiwan.

“Digesting the figures, I believe that the last three days have provided an accurate snapshot of an industry that is responding to the demands of a challenging market.

“From speaking with our exhibitors, I think that the new floor plan has, on balance, worked well – and that we’ve been able to demonstrate that it is possible to successfully operate an exhibition on two levels. However, we’ve learned an awful lot from seeing the Upper/Ground Levels in action and in the follow-up my team will be working closely with our customers to fine-tune and amend the product offering. The figures show an almost 50/50 split between visitors on the Upper Level and Ground Floor of ATEI.
“Finally I would like to thank all of our stakeholders, visitors and exhibitors from the UK and overseas, that once again have contributed so magnificently to another great London Show.”

– Peter Rusbridge
Chief Executive, Clarion ATE

Taken from ATE online.