Sega @ ATEI 2007 – Part 3 – The Rest


In the final part of my Sega round up I have got; the kids games which are Mushi King, Dinosaur King and Love & Berry, which to be honest I have not so much interest in, but I guess the kids will love them. Coming soon though, the Love & Berry dancers video! One game I could play all day though is Virtua Tennis 3. This game really does have to be seen because it has some of the best graphics I’ve seen in an arcade, and I can’t wait for the console version of this! Also there was a game on a Naomi cabinet called Asian Dynamite, which if I’m not mistaken is the follow up to, what was called in the UK, Die Hard Arcade. Unfortunately this game was not on free play. Finally there was a fairly original and fun game called Manic Panic  Ghost. This was a touch screen based game, where you had to whack all the ghost with you “wand”. Believe me when I say it really is Manic. Of course my favourite, but the frighteningly addictive game WCCF was there. Shame I  couldn’t get anywhere near it to have a game. I also heard there was a tournament the day before so hopefully I will be able to get some pictures of that off the Unofficial WCCF Forum.




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