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Sega Amusements Europe site update

September 16, 2008

Just something I noticed on my travels, the Sega Amusements Europe website has been updated with blurbs on Sega Rally 3 and Rambo, as well as the Mini Rider 2 simulator and a bigger focus on the company’s redemption products – Spongebob Squarepants Ticket Boom, Shoot This Win This, and the ever-popular UFO Catcher. The usual sort of information is contained within, including such things as cabinet shots, gameplay details and product brochures. Enjoy!

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Incredible Technologies named One of Chicago's "101 Best & Brightest Companies to Work for"

July 24, 2008

Here’s some pretty good news for one arcade company to talk about, Incredible Technologies (makers of Golden Tee and Silver Strike Bowling) has been named by the National Association for Business Resources one of Chicago’s “101 Best & Brightest Companies to Work For”. This is not an entity within the arcade industry so it’s a great recognition for IT that they are quite excited about. For the full rundown as well as a look at some of IT’s new employees, hit the post jump for the press release.

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Incredible Technologies named One of Chicago’s “101 Best & Brightest Companies to Work for”

July 24, 2008

Here’s some pretty good news for one arcade company to talk about, Incredible Technologies (makers of Golden Tee and Silver Strike Bowling) has been named by the National Association for Business Resources one of Chicago’s “101 Best & Brightest Companies to Work For”. This is not an entity within the arcade industry so it’s a great recognition for IT that they are quite excited about. For the full rundown as well as a look at some of IT’s new employees, hit the post jump for the press release.

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Behind the scenes at Sega

May 31, 2008

R reader!While I was at the Sega Rally 3 launch last week, I got to see a little bit of what goes on at Sega Amusements Europe. It is a fun place! The developers from the former Sega Racing Studio turned up for a look at the finished product, but some members were also addicted to another machine – the UFO Catcher in the corner! They got quite good at it and managed to win quite a few times, which was impressive given the bulky nature of the prizes in the machine. As well as playing Sega Rally 3 against them, I took on the testing team (who are scarily good at the game). One particular tester known as “The Stig” also got to witness me making a real hash of things on the PS3 version of Sega Rally, and asked me the question of the day – “do you read UK:Resistance?”, which is one of those questions you’re always afraid to face in public.

Speaking of UK:R, one of my missions for the day was to locate the Sonic statue that Zorg made infamous. As you can see, the quest was successful! The building also contains many other items of interest for those of us raised on the Master System and Mega Drive. The warehouse is full of spares for games going right back to the early 1990s – I noticed things for the 1992 games Virtua Racing and Stadium Cross, but the collection extends through to the present day fairly comprehensively. I must admit to geeking out a bit when I saw the Spikeout marquee pictured below, and Scud Race is still a gem (which still isn’t available on home consoles). Meanwhile, the workshop contains various fun things, including the prototype “Super Challenge” cabinet from the Sega Rally 3 location tests and a disassembled 1995 Sega Rally cabinet, as well as various modern machines such as 2 Spicy and Virtua Tennis 3.

Have a peek at some pictures I gathered on my trip:

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Sega not for sale

March 6, 2008

Recently there has been a lot of talk regarding mergers and buy-outs between big gamesegasonic.jpg publishers in the gaming industry, such as with Activision and Vivendi or EA trying to buy-out T2. As such people have brought up the notion of Sega being bought out due to some recent disappointing financial results but that isn’t going to happen anytime soon, according to Sega Sammy’s US chief executive, Simon Jeffery. From a Reuters interview with Jeffery:

“That’s not an area we want to play in right now. We have no interest in being acquired, we are very happy with our position right now.”

“There is plenty of room for smaller companies to be successful and profitable in this business. You don’t have to be number one or number two. You can be number six very happily”

If a merger or buy-out were to occur, this would of course affect the US arcade division of the company. The only other arcade company that is owned by a major publisher for console/PC games is Taito, who are owned by Square.

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LightSpace at IHRSA 2008

March 1, 2008

LightSpace, the interactive floor LED coin-op game that we have mentioned a few times on this site is going to make an appearance as the IHRSA 2008 show that will take place on March 5th-8th. This is not an arcade show but a health products show and IHRSAlspace.png stands for “International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association”. With the interest in ExerGaming steadily increasing, coin-op products like LightSpace are bound to attract more positive attention to the industry that already gets a positive view from other foot-controlled games like DDR. Along with this I have received a flyer from LightSpace that indicates some new games are coming out for the system although it doesn’t detail on how these games play. Click on the thumbnail to check out the flyer.

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Play-On – arcade development system from Italy (w/ new arcade games)

February 26, 2008


The latest Stinger Report (Issue #618) finishes up coverage on ATEI from last month and with it plenty of great information, including news of a relatively new developer fromplayon-cabinet-web.png Italy that has created a PC-based arcade system that is based on an open source development system known as the ELF Integrated Scripting System which is suppose to facilitate development. I decided to take a look at their site and it appears that they are on track to make an impression on the industry although time will tell whether the platform will acheive substantial market penetration or not. According to the site the platform should be available worldwide but it is unclear as to which channels it will be available. Their site features most information in both English and Italian and according to TSR playonatei2007-005.jpgthey plan on offering 10 games through their PlayON platform by the end of the year. We also get a look at a couple of different cabinet configurations, such as the one pictured above and in the thumbnail to the left (which is from ATEI 2008).

One game, Tunnel Racer(pictured at the top) is already complete and four other games, Metal Daemons (a 1-0n-1 fighter), Lucky Turkey (“a fast paced cartoon style shooter”), SuperBall Soccer Boy (2D sports) and Project Aurelio (unknown) have been announced and are in development. From the hardware specs the platform is capable of producing good graphics on a Linux based platform that currently includes an AMD Athlon 64 3200+ playon-hwbox-web.jpgCPU, 2GB of RAM, an nVidia 7300GT w/ 512MB of RAM and 5.1 surround sound with the promise of upgradeability (not unlike other arcade PC platforms). From the image of the hardware it also appears that the platform also includes a JAMMA connector but that isn’t listed in the specifications. Games are loaded via USB jump drives that require a security SmartCard (that comes with the USB Drive) to install. This combined with the free development kit promises a relatively cheap platform that can bring a wide-variety of games to an arcade environment.

I like the ideathat Play-ON has and it fulfills something that some arcade operators desire – a cheap, easy-to-use platform that offers variety and many new games can be created for the market, almost like XNA with Xbox Live Arcade. The obstacles will be availability of the platform (if they offered it in kit form that would make it even better), overall cost and the quality of the games. Both us and The Stinger Report will be keeping an eye on these guys and their future developments.

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More positive ATEI and arcade coverage

February 7, 2008


It’s good to know that not everyone who visited ATEI thought that it meant that the arcade scene was just months away from certain doom. Between us and The Stinger Report, it seemed that we provided the only positive coverage of the event out there but I’m happy to say that we weren’t. From the Guardian Limited in the UK, here’s an overall positive report that actually states:

Despite the rise of the consoles, arcade games are seeing a resurgence by offering an experience you can’t get at home

This point is further driven by the fact that arcade manufacturers are saying the same thing. It’s safe to say that if the developers of arcade titles are saying that things are going well on the arcade scene then most likely they are. Hit the link below for the article.

["Game on again for coin-operated arcade titles" - Guardian Unlimited] [Discuss on the Forum]

IgroService – game manufacturer out of Russia

February 2, 2008

The Stinger Report has pointed us to the website for IgroService, a game manufacturer out of Russia that has a few arcade games among their products which seem to primarily focus on gambling devices. It is in question as to whether their arcade titleshotdrussia.jpg are being done legally – they have a strange cabinet design that features either House of the Dead and The Last Bounty Hunter; they have a dance machine called Dance+ that seems to fit Andamiro’s design although the cabinet is otherwise a bit different than what I’ve seen for Pump It up and it’s unknown as to how the actual game is (they state on the site thotrodder.jpghat it was designed by them so it’s possible that it is an original title but we need more details); One cabinet they feature is called Hot Rodder where it states that it uses a “SONY CD Plus system, the possibility to change programs” so that might be running a PS1 in an arcade cabinet; and finally they have a motorcycle game called Lightning Speed which features some interesting looking motorcycle controllers and LCD displays but they do not state if they made the actual game or not and the image islightningspeed.jpg too small to see if it’s something original or if it’s a bootleg of some other motorcycle game. They also have a couple of redemption games, including one crane title. If we can find out more we’ll post about it – it wasn’t long ago I remember an article going around the net that featured information on some old arcade games made in Soviet Russia that no one knew about until recently so it’s no surprise to see more arcade titles out of Russia today.

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Sega ATEi 2008 Impressions

January 24, 2008


(More pictures are after the break)

Let’s start with the big guns, first up is Sega.

The first thing that struck me was the variety of games on offer especially after the recent news that Sega had signed a distribution deal with Trio-Tech. This added some additional games to the blue hedgehog’s stand. Jett Rider and Mad Wave, both simulators, were present as well as UFO Stomper, which we are all familiar with now after it was shown at IAAPA recently. The best game on the Stomper had to be thier take on the Guitar Hero gameplay system, but instead of a guitar, you were using your feet to hit the notes. Other 3rd party games on offer were Coastal Amusements Sea Wolf which was good fun and surprisingly holds up well on it’s own as a video game.

Back to the real video games now and my favourite on the Sega stand had to be Race TV. I’m not so convinced by the single player game, but as always, when it comes to multiplayer Sega knows what it’s doing. In some ways it’s cheap, but the boost system works well in helping you catch up with your rivals. Also, if timed correctly, the boost allows you to smash in to the back of opponents and take them out. The tracks are also incredibly wacky and theres a good selection of licensed cars which is unique for a game like this.

Primeval Hunt impressed me too because it would be so easy for Sega to churn out another run of the mill shooter and for it to do well. But that’s not what they’ve done. The main innovation in this game is the fact that it is set in a free roaming environment and you control your path using a touch screen placed near the gun holsters. It is possible for you to plan out your entire path at the start of the round, this allows you to take out the dinos in a quicker time. Each dino has a vital hit point too, which is pointed out to you at the beginning of the round. Hitting these point brings down the creatures in one shot which is particularly handy when they are charging straight at you! Also they are three choices of weapon, that I saw, and these were; crossbow, shotgun, and rifle which all have the own strengths and weaknesses.

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(More pictures are after the break)



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