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Namco/Brent @ ATEI 2007

January 29, 2007


Only one big addition to the Namco line up, video game wise, which was Mario Kart GP 2. Being a big fan of the Mario Kart series my expectations were high, and I was not disappointed. With a host of new weapons and tracks, and the ability to continue your progress with the password system, I know I’ll will keep coming back to this game for some time. Other machine on the stand were Superbikes and The Fast and the Furious, which have both been around for a while as well as the old favourite Time Crisis 4. There was one other game that caught my eye but did not take a picture of was Jumping Jackpot, which was a skipping rope style game, minus the skipping rope. You had a area that you stood in and a ring of LED’s in front of you and you had to jump as the lights went under your feet. It’s was quiet fun to play, but obviously has limited appeal.




Konami @ ATEI 2007

January 29, 2007


Konami had a great stand, although that maybe because I’m a big Pro Evo Soccer fan. The arcade version is as solid as the console, but this is my only gripe with game. Why pay to play it it when I can play it on my 360 against my friends online for free. Still, it’s great fun to play. Also on the stand was Crazy Streets, which I’d already seen at the the Trocadero, which is a pretty standard street racing game, but again still good fun to play. Finally Konami had thier range of music based games including BeatMania, Guitar Freaks, and DrumMania which to be honest I was to scared to play because there was a bunch of the hardcore players there. So I was quite happy just to watch them do there thing. I think I got a video of one them on the BeatMania, which I’ll post up soon.




Sega @ ATEI 2007 – Part 2 – Gun Games

January 29, 2007


Once again Sega have far too many games to cover, so now I’m going to plough through thier gun games. Probably the most unique one of the show was Too Spicy or “2 spicy” depending on how down wit it you are! The basic premise of this game is that it’s a one on one shooter with a kind of of third person perspective. Additionally you have two pedals to use to dodge left and right between pillars and cover. It’s a pretty frantic game, and is superb when you are participating in a VS match with you friend. Obviously there was the old favourite House of the Dead 4, but in addition to that there was “House of the Dead 4 Special”. Believe me, it is special. The concept is that you and a buddy sit yourself in this room, so to speak, and you get buckled in with seat belts and a bar and then the game starts. It’s a new story with new locations, but the twist is that you have a screen in front and behind you and the seat spins depending on where the zombies are coming from. It’s a blast, it’s just a shame the queue for it was like half and hour. There was a new version of Ghost Squad subtitled Evolution whichwas more of the same, as well as a deluxe version of Extreme Hunting 2. Finally there was Let’s Go Jungle which is a well overdue return to having a shooter in an enclosed cabinet, like Jurassic Park. In true Japanese style this is one of those classic mad cap adventures with giant spiders and mutant plants to contend with.





Sega @ ATEI – Part 1 – Driving & Flying

January 27, 2007



Seeing as Sega had an extremely large stand, the biggest at the show if I’m not mistaken, I thought I would break up thier new arcade offerings in to genres, starting with driving & flying. By far the most enjoyable out of these three was Outrun 2 SP Super Deluxe. This quite possibly has to be the daddy of all the arcade racers out there. As you can see from the pictures the machine is made up of 4 replica Ferrari’s; the F50, the Dino, the Spider and the last one I can’t remember but it was silver. All of them are motion based and each car has two steering wheels. Two wheels you ask? Yes that’s right, and this is by far the most interesting & fun feature in the game. Every time you crash or pass through a check point the driving switches to your team mate in the other seat. trust me, it’s hilarious. Next up this is Ford Racing which has been out for a while, but this is the Deluxe version which has larger screens and a Ford GT style applied to the cabinet. Much like the Outrun 2 SP’s. Finally there was Afterburner Climax, which for me is as good as the original arcade version that I was playing when I was a wee nipper. There was three different cabinets for this game as you can see below. I wasn’t overly keen on the biggest version, my nose was almost touching the screen (I do have a big nose though). By the way I do have a lot of video from the ATEIwhich I will be sorting out soon, and don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about the Sega booth babes. I will be covering them in a separate post. Games come first (can’t believe I said that!).



Taito @ ATEI 2007

January 26, 2007



Not that much to tell really, seeing as all that was on the Taito stand was Chase HQ 2 and Kings of the Jurassic. Not much has changed since the last time I played Chase at the Trocadero. They have added more tracks, but graphically it is still the same. Thats not to say that they are bad, I am quite keen on the cel shaded style of the cars. Kings of the Jurassic is basically Taito’s take on the card battling games. To be honest it was very similar to Sega’s Dinosaur King except instead of swiping the barcode you put the card in to a slot. The stand was pretty cool as they had some mad art work on the pillars, check out the pictures.



Global VR @ ATEI 2007

January 26, 2007



First up we have Global VR. The game from their stand that took me most by surprise was “Farcry Lost Paradise” In short this is the Xbox first person shooter converted into a light-gun game. I liked the cabinet style having each player sitting next to each other at slight angels. It has fixed gun turrets and ithas pretty simple game play, where by the bad guys charge out and you shoot them down with your machine gun, then you move on to the next area. Throw in some power ups like grenades and armour and you have yourself a good fun game that’s not to bad on the eyes. Other games on the VR stand were Need for Speed, Alien Extermination, Ultra Pin and Dessert Gunner (yet another attempt at virtual reality, although with a company name like Global VR I guess they’re obliged to give it a go).


ATEI 2007 – Part 1 of many

January 26, 2007


So, the ATEI, how was it? Well it was pretty immense. From the moment I stepped out of Earls Court station I was greeted by a ginormous Sega billboard, as well as the Earls Court building, obviously! It goes without saying I headed straight upstairs to the Namco, Sega, Taito and Konami stands. I’m telling you, 8 hours is not enough time when you’ve got hundreds of video games on free play. Stayed tuned for more specific posts about the different stands, games and booth babes!



Snowmobile Advertising – It's the Future!

January 19, 2007


Now this is some crazy advertising. Brian Ashcraft from Kotaku writes;

In its infinite wisdom, Sega is rolling out a Love and Berry snowmobile at a Nagano Prefecture ski and hot springs resort. It will be on the slopes until April 1st. I wish this was fake. I wish that someone had made this as a April Fool’s Joke. But, sadly, it’s real.

Snowmobile Advertising – It’s the Future!

January 19, 2007


Now this is some crazy advertising. Brian Ashcraft from Kotaku writes;

In its infinite wisdom, Sega is rolling out a Love and Berry snowmobile at a Nagano Prefecture ski and hot springs resort. It will be on the slopes until April 1st. I wish this was fake. I wish that someone had made this as a April Fool’s Joke. But, sadly, it’s real.

1000th View!

January 18, 2007

mparty5_mario_21.jpg had its 1000th view today, hooray! I guess the next milestone is 10,000. I wonder how long that will take?


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